Shaken, not stirred

I’d heard mixed things going into Spectre, the latest offering in the James Bond franchise, and the critics are not wrong, this one is a bit of a corker. It’s not just that the film falls well short of the high note set by Skyfall. Spectre seems largely designed to future proof the franchise, putting all the aspects of Bond’s character back where they found them. Spoilers beyond … Continue reading Shaken, not stirred

Some time later …

TV Tropes suggests that a Timeskip “usually takes no less than three years”, but this year a number of shows are messing with their timelines, skipping mere days or hundreds of year, to move the plot along.

A storytelling trend or just Back to the Future year? Here’s a brief recap of the ones I’ve noticed in particular. Continue reading Some time later …

Justice is blind, not deaf

I don’t get How to Get Away with Murder.

It’s a less cohesive Damages, a less sexy Scandal. Viola Davis is acting the heck out of Annalise Keating, but the character is a cypher for whatever craziness is going on that week, without a substantive core.

That being said, there have been some amazing music choices over the last few episodes! Continue reading Justice is blind, not deaf