Karen and Foggy

A Foggy Good Boss

My favourite moment of TV this week was from episode two of the new Daredevil series on Netflix. While Matt is off in flashback city playing nurse with Rosario Dawson, Karen and Foggy are working late.

Karen confides that she doesn’t want to go home because she no longer feels safe in her own apartment after the horrific events of the week before, so Foggy suggests that they go out.

The night is going well, they are having a good time, and they end up at some local dive bar. Normally this would be the cue for Foggy to make a pass at Karen and for her to gently turn him down, with a sad smile that he’s gone and ruined what could have been a beautiful friendship.

Instead, they talk. Like human beings!

He doesn’t take advantage of his brand new employee by trying to make a move on her, he recognises that she’s having a hard time and steps in to try and help. He doesn’t just tell her that she’s safe because he’s there. He tells her she’s safe because the city isn’t dark and faceless, it’s full of people, people he knows and can put a name to, and sure some of them are flawed, but they aren’t monsters.

It was a refreshing change! Men and women being friends, without the friend-zone in sight!


Runner-up moment was Nurse Claire asking “Mike” what she was going to tell the police if he died in her apartment. Good question!

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