Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Slim pickings this week, everyone is saving their good stuff for finales! I’ve gone with final minutes of episode 20 of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries.

Cut to 1903 prison world and Kai is making dinner. He’s covered with vampire bites but is rocking the smugness. He calls the Heretic vampires to dinner and, as come in from the cold, he tells them it’s time to leave this place.

Since Kai can only siphon magic from other magic users and the Heretics were SUPER desiccated, everyone assumed that there were all safely imprisoned in 1903. But lock a human in there with them and BAM re-hydrated vampire witches. The continuity on this show is bonkers!!

The villains on VD have always been hit and miss. Klaus and the gang were less “big bad” and more “big lag”. I cannot believe The Originals got their own show! But when they get an actor with charisma it really ties the show together. Qetsiyah was only in four episodes, but they were some of the most memorable of the show.

Kai has dragged the show out of its torpor. Menacing, funny, charismatic. Sparking new pairings (Damon and Bonnie … who knew I could care about anything Bonnie related), expanding the mythology and killing and killing and killing …

With Nina Dobrev leaving at the end of this season I assume they mean to use the six Heretics to inject the show with some fresh blood. Bring it on!

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