Peggy Olson is the boss

Peggy Olson rocks the shunga

Remember the early seasons of Mad Men? Remember how much it sucked to be a woman? Casual sexism, rape, your psychiatrist reporting back to your husband?

Things had got a lot better for the female characters on this show. When the gang went out on their own, the agency became much more of a meritocracy. There were exceptions (for example, how Joan got her partnership stake), but rewards were there for the taking. Dawn broke the colour barrier, Joan went from Office Manager to Account man, Peggy became the new Don!

For most of Lost Horizon (episode 12 of Mad Men’s seventh season) it was back to the bad old days. Joan is appalled by one of her new co-workers lack of attention to detail on one of the account she has worked so hard to win. She takes it up the chain, only to find herself with a new account partner who presumes that she’ll avail herself to him sexually. Taking the problem to the head of the agency, she literally has to accept half what she is worth and leave a job she not only loves, but has fought and clawed her way into.

After all this heartbreak, came Peggy. Hungover, some ancient Japanese pornography tucked under one arm, she strides into McCann Erickson ready to do battle with whatever dip shit male is stupid enough to get in her way.

Come on Peggy, you can take ’em!

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