Jaime Lannister fights for his life in Dorne

The Leftorium

This week it’s Game of Thrones, season five, episode four, Sons of the Harpy.┬áJaime and Bronn land in Dorne on a mission to rescue Myrcella. Discovered by four Dornish riders, Jaime has his first real fight since training with Bronn.

The fight begins, Jaime in his newly learned “southpaw” stance. Two sword strikes later, he lapses into old habits. His opponent takes advantage and Jaime, once one of the greatest swordmen in Westeros, is fighting for his life.

This moment echoed another, in season three’s “And Now His Watch is Ended”, when Jaime stole a sword and briefly tried to fight his way free of his captors. When the sword is knocked from his left hand, he reaches for it with the stump of his right, and your heart breaks for him.

Whether Jaime can overcome his maiming is a major arc for the character, he’ll need to overcome a lifetime of instincts. How fitting to tell the story of this man of action visually, through the action.

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