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Call backs and spoilers!

The season five finale of Game of Thrones prompted a re-watch of season two. Here are my thoughts (spoilers ahead) …

  • The camera cuts away from several of the major “deaths”. Thelma and Lousie Theon and Sansa will probably make it through, but Stannis and Marcella are probably toast. I think this is misdirection. While we’re talking about whether Stannis is alive we’re not talking about Jon Snow, whose death they lingered on but who we’re all pretty certain will come back. #jonsnowalwayscomesback #kitharringtonhairwatch
  • Pondering fan theory “R + L = J” … Jon doesn’t have the trademark Targaryen hair, but you know who does? Ghost!

Jon Snow and Ghost

  • One of Meryn Trant’s crimes was that he tore Sansa’s dress off and beat her for Joffrey. When Tyrion interrupts this scene the Hound goes to Sansa and wraps his cloak around her shoulders. This is the first step of the Westeros marriage ceremony, awwww!
  • A condition of Brienne’s oath to Catlyn Stark was that if she got her chance  Brienne could drop everything and confront Stannis.
  • Brienne executed Stannis, the one true king of Westeros, which means she and Jaime are now both “Kingslayers”. Double awwww!

Edited: Changed “T + L = J” to “R + L = J” because I’m an idiot 🙂

2 thoughts on “Call backs and spoilers!”

  1. Isn’t the theory R+L=J?

    But yeah, one of the hints was that only Jon and Arya had Stark hair – the others all have Tully hair. To confuse the issue further, a different theoretical mother, Ashara Dayne, had dark hair but violet (ie. Valyrian) eyes.

    Also, did you see this?

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