Mindy and Danny

Everybody dance now!

After I heard about it’s cancellation and subsequent pickup by Hulu, I’ve been binge watching The Mindy Project.¬†There’s lots to enjoy here, the outfits, Morgan, Beth Grant. But the show is built around the will they, won’t they, Sam and Diane-ness of the relationship between Dr Lahiri and Dr Castellano.

Which brings us to my favourite moment of the week:

I love how this is so in character and yet so out of character. We’ve been shown that Danny is great dancer but this impromptu¬†performance for Mindy comes as a complete surprise. He’s also a private person who lives his life by a strict code (in this case, he refuses to spend money on a secret Santa gift), which often makes his manner seem distant and caustic. With this gesture he is sharing a part of himself that is usually hidden because he deeply values the relationship. This makes it very, very special.

Finally the marvelous foreshadowing of the expanding romantic plot line with the brief touch of the cheek at the end. Sometimes the smallest touches have the greatest resonance.


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