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Podcast recommendations #1

Someone asked for my podcast recommendations the other day. There probably won’t be anything ground breaking on this list if you’re a podcasting aficionado, but it should be a good place to start.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

I’m such a devoted follower of this weekly pop culture podcast it is affectionately referred to as “The Cult” in my household. PCHH is distinguished from other pop culture podcasts (I’m looking at you Slate Culture Gabfest) by its enthusiastic, positive, “love what you love” vibe.

This American Life

The Mitochondrial Eve of the podcasting world. TAL presenters and producers have spun off into every corner of the internet, generating fresh content that sounds eerily familiar. Don’t believe me? Listen to a few episodes and then check out Serial,  Mystery Show and Planet Money.

Welcome to Night Vale

What if Gravity Falls had a community radio station? That’s it, that’s the show. You’re welcome.

Photo is from the great 2006 film The Lives of Others. If you’re enjoying the glut of Cold War nostalgia pieces on television at the moment (The Americans, Deutschland 83, Halt and Catch Fire), this is a great film to track down.

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