Wait! There’s that word again …

Another amazing episode of Mr Robot in an almost flawless season. While there’s a doozy of a reveal at the end, my favourite exchange was the meeting between Elliot and White Rose.

A diversity double-hitter, the Asian trans Dark Army hacker explains that where Elliot hacks people, she hacks time and that he has exactly three minutes of this precious resource to persuade her why the Evil Corp hack should proceed.

The scene unfolds as almost a meta-commentary television scene construction. As Elliot spews exposition, it washes over you. It’s there for the newbs, the less careful watchers who need time to catch up. White Rose will have none of it, she urges Elliot to join her in the world where three minutes is more than enough time to tell many stories, not just one.

Finally he gives her a new piece of information and she explains what’s going to happen next. At the last, he thinks of a pertinent question to ask. Her watch beeps for the third time and she moves on to her next to do.

Random thoughts

  • I love the idea that as we meet the big players of the hacker world each will have a hacking quirk that can be both their super power and their kryptonite
  • White Rose promises that three minutes is all that Elliot gets, but I hope she’s more than just a one-scene wonder
  • Happy birthday Christian Slater!

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