She’s a virgin, not a saint

I have been a Jane the Virgin advocate since the beginning. It’s a hard sell getting people to watch it. The premise, “a devout Catholic virgin is artificially inseminated – wackiness ensues”, is bonkers and sounds fundamentally unappealing. But the show’s writing is really smart and the performances are immensely winning …


Jane does the grad school dance with MateoSo much of what works about this show is Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva. Her performance is fresh and inventive, thrumming with the fierce love and protectiveness you imagine she herself feels for the character.


“I do not like to describe myself as a triple threat because that implies I am only good at three things.”

He doesn't pop in peach ...Has there been a narcissist with a bigger heart than Rogelio De La Vega? He’s a marvelous combination of good intentions and genuine affection, while being so self centered it can blow your mind. His growing friendship with Michael also bring great balance to the #TeamMichael vs #TeamRafael love triangle.

The Narrator

This show moves so fast the narrator is essential to keeping up with every twist and turn of plot. Even here the writers have fun, creating a unique voice, another character in the show. In episode three of the second season as Jane explains her every action to Mateo, trying to encourage his development, the narrator notes that “She’s pretty good at this” and you can hear the grumpiness of an actor whose role has been usurped.

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