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Some time later …

TV Tropes suggests that a Timeskip “usually takes no less than three years”, but this year a number of shows are messing with their timelines, skipping mere days or hundreds of year, to move the plot along.

A storytelling trend or just Back to the Future year?┬áHere’s a brief recap of the ones I’ve noticed in particular.

Mr Robot

Timeskip: Three days
Rather than making “THE HACK” the climax of the series, we skip forward to three days later. Elliot doesn’t know what’s going on, but society does seem well and truly fucked. Violence, panicked queues at ATMs and suicides on live TV.

Jane the Virgin

Timeskip: Three months
In “Chapter Twenty-Eight” Jane gets over Michael (just when I was back on the #teammichael side) and Petra’s pregnancy jumps from “bump” to “basketball”.


Timeskip: Seven months
This skip feels the closest to the “New Caprica” jump from Battlestar Galactica (I was on the verge of giving up on that show when that jump kicked it back into high gear). We skip Defiance’s slow decline after the closure of the mine, straight to “we have to shut down our shields” and “but you’re the last doctor, you can’t leave”. Also included another “let’s just skip the pregnancy”.

Halt and Catch Fire

Timeskip: 10 months
From here we stray solidly into “Soft reboot” territory. Halt’s first season was good, but somewhere between season one and season two the writers realised that the most interesting thing in their 80s tech drama was the women, Cameron and Donna. Season two was MUCH stronger for it, though it did leave poor Lee Pace out in the cold (literally, he was shirtless a lot more in the second season).

Vampire Diaries

Timeskip(s): Now and three years from now
It was always going to be a tough sell, keeping long time viewers when your lead player (Nina Dobrev) moves on to other things. VD is veering into soft reboot territory with a large helping of new characters (the Heretics, vampire/witch troublemakers) and jumping forward in time to a future full of the MOST unlikely romantic pairings they could muster.


Timeskip: Dawn of human civilization to now-ish
What the what?!? The second season is certainly much better, with the town of Jarden providing a focus for the religious overtones of the show. But seriously, what was that first scene even about? Let’s just focus on the much improved credit sequence:

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