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What’s Good?

The latest installment in my ongoing list of pop cultural endorsements …

You’re the Worst

This show is smart, super funny and I have been recommending it to everyone I know. The title doesn’t lie: pretty much every character in this show is “the worst”. But the comedy rarely moves into “cringe” territory because when they do or say horrible things, they only hurt themselves.

Be warned: the first episode features a lot of quite graphic sex, but the show soon calms down from “raunchy” to “sometimes sexy”.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

More and more shows expect that you will consume them in a “binge”. Watching three or four episodes at a time is built into their DNA. Character shifts are subtle, plots are complex

I think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show that benefits from a traditional, “week to week” watch. Underneath the well trodden romantic comedy premise and the catchy musical numbers, Rachel Bloom and company are doing something quite new. By giving each episode a bit of time to settle, I think you can get a better handle on what they’re doing and where the character’s arcs are going.

Here is my favourite number of the season:




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