Earth Shattering Kaboom!

The latest episode of Game of Thrones, No One, sent me into a prediction frenzy! 


  • Qyburn has found the location of the Wildfire caches left underneath King’s Landing by the Mad King.
  • Cersei, backed into a corner and without the option of trial by combat, is going to set the  wildfire alight.
  • Tommen will be killed in the explosion, making Cersei responsible for the death of her last child. Margaery will survive, fulfilling her ambition to become “the queen” and the prophecy of Maggy the Frog.
  • Speaking of prophecy, it is Jaime, not Tyrion, who is the “valonqar” mentioned by Maggy. Cersei’s action undoes Jaime’s most honourable act, saving the city from the Mad King. This turns Jaime against Cersei.
  • Cersei will escape to Casterly Rock, the seat of the Lannisters, known to be a castle set upon a rock that is taller than the wall. My theory is that the rock has been hollowed out many generations ago (which is why the Lannister mines aren’t producing gold anymore).
  • The Reynes (of Castamere fame) are a subterranean house. I posit that they have not been extinguished by the Lannisters, and that the last of their line are hiding in tunnels either in Castamere or under Casterly Rock itself. They know a secret path into the otherwise unassailable fortress and show someone how to enter Casterly Rock via the mines.


  • Jaime stands at the gates of Riverrun, as his father twice stood at the gates of King’s Landing. His father perished (arguably) because he valued family over all else.
  • Brienne, the most honourable character in the show, has become a spy: transporting prisoners, delivering secret messages, escaping under cover of darkness.

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