Some time later …

TV Tropes suggests that a Timeskip “usually takes no less than three years”, but this year a number of shows are messing with their timelines, skipping mere days or hundreds of year, to move the plot along.

A storytelling trend or just Back to the Future year? Here’s a brief recap of the ones I’ve noticed in particular. Continue reading Some time later …

Justice is blind, not deaf

I don’t get How to Get Away with Murder.

It’s a less cohesive Damages, a less sexy Scandal. Viola Davis is acting the heck out of Annalise Keating, but the character is a cypher for whatever craziness is going on that week, without a substantive core.

That being said, there have been some amazing music choices over the last few episodes! Continue reading Justice is blind, not deaf

She’s a virgin, not a saint

I have been a Jane the Virgin advocate since the beginning. It’s a hard sell getting people to watch it. The premise, “a devout Catholic virgin is artificially inseminated – wackiness ensues”, is bonkers and sounds fundamentally unappealing. But the show’s writing is really smart and the performances are immensely winning … Continue reading She’s a virgin, not a saint

Everybody dance now!

After I heard about it’s cancellation and subsequent pickup by Hulu, I’ve been binge watching The Mindy Project. There’s lots to enjoy here, the outfits, Morgan, Beth Grant. But the show is built around the will they, won’t they, Sam and Diane-ness of the relationship between Dr Lahiri and Dr Castellano. Continue reading Everybody dance now!